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Milord Gaultier of BlueSavannah (Best in show exhibit Brazilian Club, May 2001)

Milord Gaultier

Milord Gaultier and Milord Liv Tyler, both nominated in the exhibition


I thank the friend Nadia of Cattery BlueSavannah for showing perfection, dedication and much love this couple of milord, which I have FLAPD since 2008 to achieve excellence. And get the look they both carry. Thanks Nadia and thanks to Luciano Ribeiro for excellent work. I’m even happier.

Milord Land Rover, nominated par abest in concert in Belo Horizonte.

Milord Alicia,
Winner of the award for Best Cat of the year by the Association of the Mineiro


Thank you Fatima Mann by expose so well these animals of my creation

Milord Cicero of Catkenay
Best in show
Thank you Emanuel and Bruno

Milord Blame
On the night show in Colombia
Shown by its owner Catalina Arenas.

Milord Illuminati of Catkenay
Enchanting the judge at the Clube Brasileiro do Gato show