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Who has a milord wants two!

Milord is a cattery located in the interior of São Paulo, in the city of Franca, near a bucolic area.

Our creation has an area for adults, an exclusive maternity and the area for our teenagers almost apt to go to their new homes, already using the sandbox and absolutely socialized.

All our animals come out with two doses of quadruple vaccine and a rabies and have constant veterinary medical supervision.

We work in the preservation segment of the species and we try increasingly to have sweet-expression animals and differentiated temperament.

We are also on Facebook with the page I love Persian cat that currently counts with almost 50000 followers. I hope you enjoy our animals that are treated as family members.


Emerson Rosa – Breeder

Our Highlights
    I own a beautiful specimen, with a pedigree of the highest standard and perfect health.
    Gratitude and Congratulations on your work as a seller of Persian and exotic breed

    Gerson Munayer

  • When I looked for Emerson to get one of his beautiful furs, a first request was, “Are they gentle?” He told me yes, all of the kittens were cute and very affectionate. Well, Persians are affectionate by nature, but I confess that I thought he was exaggerating in tenderness !!! kkkk That nothing !!
    When our Yuli arrived here to see where it was not some exaggeration, the pet is beautiful and caring in a way that never!
    Emerson continues to give us assistance, casting doubt on bathing and other care.
    Suuuuuuper highly recommend, best creator I’ve ever met!

    Pat Feldman

  • Emerson Rosa What to say about this person. He introduced me to his creation which I fell in love with. A polite breeder of good nature and kind. His perfect creation docile wonderful cats of great health and pedigree. The phrase says everything though I do not agree “Who has a Milord wants two”.
    I want a thirty .Super I indicate the breeder the cats are all of excellence.

    Daymer Andrade

  • I met my friend milestone through a friend who showed me his work, the Emerson Owner always attentive and willing to get all the doubts in a lot of conversations getting a kitty milord Marvin, Marvin came to me impeccable pelagen linda super White bath taken with card of Vaccine on day super well taken care of a true milord. Kitten has affectionate temperament and very calm signal which I consider to have been much loved during his period of treatment of the cattery care. The documentation arrived without deadlines correct everything as we talked. Today I have to say and yes I would buy another cat in the milord cattle. I only have one thanks. Thank you Emerson and the milord for making our dream come true …

    Bruno Almeida

  • I was fortunate enough to meet this fine person, Emerson Rosa, and then have the privilege of acquiring a Milly Cat. Whoever is looking for a docile, amiable, quiet, playful and excellent genetics animal here is the right place. Congratulations Emerson for the care and professionalism that takes care of your cats.

    Jeferson Lelis


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